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Best practices for landing pages

Landing pages are an important part of any digital marketing strategy. You need your webpage visitors to do a certain action on your website to get a good ROI. Therefore you need to optimize your landing pages for a good conversion rate. Taking a proper look at the creatives on your website and testing it can have a huge impact on your final results. Always test your landing pages! zoekmachine adverteren amersfoort

growth hacking

growth marketing is a term quite new to the world of online marketing. Sean Ellis created the term and it has gone a far since. The difference between growth marketing and old school marketing is that a growth hacker looks at the full conversion funnel. A growth hacker starts with formulating the goal of the firm and then hacks his way backwards to get it.

Marketing budget calculator

A online marketing budget calculator is a tool a firm can use to calculate the expected budget they would need to achieve certain results. Using a marketing budget calculator gives insights into the expected costs and results one may expect based on industry averages. When you’re starting off a new online marketing project and you want to do some research into what you may expect of the results and spend. Always look at the digital marketing budget calculator first!

keyword research

Doing keyword analysis at the start of any marketing project will define whether you’re set up for success. It’s imperative that you invest plenty time in doing good keyword research. You need to understand which keywords are the most important for your enterprise, otherwise you will be spending a lot of energy but not generating any results. So, do keyword research! keyword research